Dog Training Forum

This is a private subscription-based training forum. It is designed to be interactive with member participation. The forum is comprised of training articles, video clips and pictures we are posting to stimulate conversation. It also allows for you to post topics for discussion. Understand, this is not a "cheap" way for us to help you train your dog. It is a platform for our community of followers and clients to discuss the Craney Hill Method and all that it entails. As issues arise in your implementation of the method, you can post questions for other members to help you in the process. We will be active participants; however, this is the community's forum. We will not be an open/endless resource so if that is what you are looking for you should look to YouTube.


The forum is an excellent adjunct to the training manual! Unlike the training manual or our training seminars, we will be able to get into the nuances and very detailed expansion of what we do. The manual and seminars are the "nuts & bolts" of the Craney Hill Method. You and your dog are likely to progress differently. This is where the training forum can help!

Join other like-minded people in a friendly and respectful platform while you go through the process of having your dog trained. Share your stories. Get some help. Help someone else. Follow us at the kennel and while we are on the road, in the woods or on the prairie. Get kennel announcements before the public. Meet new people to share the journey with. You do not need to worry about "off-topics" here. There will be no politics, religion, hate or ads! This is all the positive of social media without the junk that is associated in the free social media platforms.

Membership is $25.00 USD per month and entitles you to participate in the conversations, post questions, enjoy training articles and video clips with the ability to comment within the community.

We look forward to hearing from Y'all. 

Thank You, Todd & Christina

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