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Double Red At Southern Tier Trial In NY

FC Craney Hill Grouse On Glendye

2nd Place Open

DJ Is Back!!

It's is so great to have DJ back into action! He has been back at home in Boston for a year and we are so thankful that his parents decided to send him back down to Craney Hill Camp. This is his first trial in a year and he takes second in a 44 dog trial. You are so awesome little buddy! We've missed you!! DJ is a Dudley son which makes him even more special. DJ was bred to our Dixie and hopefully we will have little DJ's running around come July. Keep an eye out for the puppies!!

It's All In The Foundation Training!

That is why he did so well after being gone for a year!

"I often tell people that I do not train spaniels…

I develop spaniels.

It is a very fine distinction but a very important one."


Z & Z's Code Breaker Of Craney Hill

2nd Place Puppy


Our young star Braker is coming along very nice. Y'all have to watch out for this one he is special. Our Tea Cup Ms. Susan owns Braker and she has also placed second in the puppy with Braker. Todd also ran Braker in the open for the first time and he did a really nice job for his first big boy stake. Future Star!! We just have to manage how often Ms. Susan touches him... LOL

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