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Hunting & Training In Iowa

The truck has been unpacked again!

It is now time to begin running the dogs on pheasants.


Time To Train!!

The cover is excellent for birds, but it is very difficult to walk through.

Happy Dog!!

Puppies Loaded & Ready To Run!!

Wild birds are what separate hunting dogs from bird dogs. It provides an opportunity to see the genetically gifted raise the level of their quest to that which is required to consistently produce birds for the gun that have already survived the hawk, opossum, skunks, coons, coyotes and other hunters.

To produce wild birds successfully, your dog needs to beat a wild bird at its own game and on its home turf. These birds have honed their escape routes. They know when something is out of place and they know you and your dog do not belong!

For young dogs, this experience is most beneficial!

Whether your game is a field trial, hunt test, game preserve or wild bird hunting; the real field trial, we must separate the bird dogs from the imposters. And, that must shake out itself as nature has always done it in the prairie grasses.

Sunset on the farm in Iowa!!

Turn up volume to hear the wood ducks that just flew in on the pond.



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