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Up The Mountain We Go For Grouse!

The following is a story I would like to share with you about a wonderful young family who loves spending time in the outdoors with their kids & dogs.

A springer spaniel puppy named Ovi was purchased by Will and his family from us. The name is derived from hockey. LOL. He is a Dixie/Dibbs puppy, which means that he is extra special. Will then decided that one springer was not sufficient, so he purchased another springer named Lehki, a DJ puppy. Smart move and another very special pup..If you follow Will you will notice he really likes hockey.. LOL

Will has been following everything that we do regarding our training methods, and his dedication has been evident. Aside from having our training manual (when it was in print), he has joined our training forum and occasionally communicates with Todd via phone. He even built the training table in the garage, which sometimes serves as storage for his lovely wife. LOL!!!

When Todd and I receive notes such as these, we are over the moon... We are so happy for you and can't wait to see more photos! Please keep sending photos and keep up the good work! We Love Y’all!!!

Here Is Will’s Story

Day #1

Rabbit Ears Range (Kremling, CO), Continental Divide Trail

2 Hunters, 1 Mom, 3 kids (6, 4, & 2)

1st Morning = 6 miles hiked. Total bust trying to hunt sage brush by Aspen at 8-9,000’ (aka, burned up Ovi energy is wasted cover)

1st Afternoon: (trip to go much higher in altitude) saw 2 grouse on dirt road. Flushed and shot before dogs could be released. Both flapping, making for great puppy work with Lehki. Walked a bit of terrain with Lehki, not sure if she pushed a grouse or not, but I think so.

In drive home, a discharge of bear spray in truck bed. No dogs or people sprayed, but we thought it blew something in the truck and stunk like hell for about 10 minutes.

Day #2

Elk Mountain, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

2nd Morning: new spot with a dose of experience. Grouse sited on the road. Release Ovi. He flushed and retrieved. Still not a “find” as I see it. In brush, we see another bird. Cast Ovi, catches scent, big flush (steady). Long shot into the middle of large deadfall, long and immediate retrieve.

2nd Afternoon: hike to the top 12,000 Elk Mountain (right next to “Grouse Mountain” lol). Take Lehki who has yet to have good “hunt time”. Nothing at the top as suggested by an elk hunter. On way down, letting Lehki use the wind and “not saying a word to her”, she produced 3 different Grouse flushes. 1st, she was a bit away from us and frankly we had stopped paying total attention to her. 2nd flush, missed (and I failed to shoot holding flowers for Lake). 3rd Flush believed to be repeat of last bird. No shots due to ability to see bird in flight.

Ovi did amazing and worked his butt off. Lehki may have stolen the show. 4 finds in 2 hours of hunting.

Such a fun weekend that I never knew was an option in CO. It also happens to be 30 minutes from my folks’ cabin. Just to say, this will become a regular trip.




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