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Gun Dogs For Sale

We Specialize In Spaniels For Upland Work!

We only sell English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels. The dogs we sell are classified in one of four ways. Depending on our client’s wishes, their training skills and their available time, dogs are purchased as a puppy, and then trained to be introduced, started or finished dogs. All dogs receive a written health contract.

All puppies begin with quality breeding. We predominantly only breed within our kennel. This allows us to be sure we are breeding dogs that prove they can find wild birds…not just the birds planted for a test or game. Occasionally, we “go outside” the kennel to prevent “kennel blindness” and to add something we are looking for to further refine our dogs. Although the paper of a dog does not guarantee a bird dog, it is the best way to increase your odds. Add that to personally seeing the parents work, and you have a good formula for success.

Our Puppies are just what the name implies. They are between 7 and 12 weeks of age, are well socialized, include a certificate of good health and the eyes are checked (CERF). Additionally, the hips are guaranteed until age three to get a passing OFA rating. Depending on the breeding, our puppies are typically $2,000 to $2500.

Dear Christina and Todd,


Summer is officially here, and we're having a blast. As you suggested, we've been taking it slowly, enjoying every minute. Missy is, far and away, the best dog I've ever owned, can't believe it took me so long to buy her. She can play for long periods--retrieve and give like nobody's business, goes right into the water without hesitation-and settles down when it's time.

Last night my daughter and her dog arrived for a week's long visit. Typically cautious for a bit, Missy was soon chasing around having canine fun with everyone. We're heading out in a bit for our morning adventure. I enclose the registration for the seminar in January. I'd like to bring Missy along if there's room.

Your friend and biggest fan,


Best decision I ever made was to commit to owning Missy. She is perfect!

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