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Listen to the latest podcast with Todd and Scott Linden from Upland Nation. Click here to listen…. Sit back and enjoy!

Listen to the latest podcast with Todd on The Gun Dog Notebook. Click here to listen…. Sit back and enjoy!

Craney Hill Kennel is featured on The latest pod cast from Sporting Dog Talk – Episode 24: Todd Agnew- Training Trainers To Handle Spaniels – Click Here to Listen

“Owner of Craney Hill Kennel, Todd Agnew, is a well-established professional trainer who has worked with bird dogs of all breeds, but he specializes in both field bred English cocker spaniels and springer spaniels. Agnew has developed a proven training strategy that not only produces top-notch dogs, but takes into account how individual handlers should work with their dogs.”

Todd Agnew returns to The Hunting Dog Podcast Show!

Today we talk everything Spaniels! Springers, Cockers and more! A bit about field trials, hunting, spaniel training and why these little powerhouses can make you smile, and why some make you cry. Just like all things in the dog world. Todd brings real common sense to training dogs.

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