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 Your Spaniel Trainer ~ Todd Agnew
We Only Train Flushing Dogs ~ We Are Located In Mitchell, GA 

Any reasonable person can train a spaniel. However, it takes a truly talented and skilled person to develop an English springer spaniel or English cocker spaniel and maintain a relationship with their spaniel. This relationship is developed through trust and your gun dog’s trust is not something you should take for granted. Our relationship with our spaniels is developed over time through a combination of exposure to game birds, properly teaching an expectation, repeating the lessons and maintaining a high standard.

Our dogs have hunted pheasant, chukar, grouse, woodcock, quail, Hungarian partridge, sharp tail grouse and ducks and geese. We have won and placed in numerous spaniel field trials, including the 2017 National Open High Point2022 National Open High Point and 2018 National Open Championship. We have also developed numerous dogs for their owners that have won and placed in spaniel field trials and passed spaniel hunt tests, including the 2019 Canadian National Amateur Championship and 2021 Canadian Amateur National Championship. More importantly, we have produced and helped to train numerous shooting dogs that please their owners.

Our development program for English springer spaniels and English cocker spaniels centers on developing well-behaved spaniels for bird hunting, spaniel field trials and spaniel hunt tests. Our passion is developing a spaniel that is comfortable at home, yet exciting and effective in the field. We want to work with clients that have the highest standards and expectations and are committed to achieving established goals. We can help you achieve your goals with your spaniel; whether it be for pheasant shoots, the dove field, upland fields, grouse woods or competition.

We will develop a strong foundation for your English springer spaniel and English cocker spaniel. This starts as a puppy and can continue into adulthood. We stress educating the owner and getting maximum value for the good money you spend…only those serious need inquire.


FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley
2017 National Open High Point Dog


FC Craney Hill Grouse On Glendye - DJ
2022 National Open High Point Dog

Father & Son

Our kennel has been blessed with great dogs that have been successful

in the field not only for us but for our clients as well.

2017 National Open High Point with Dudley - Handled by Todd

2018 National Open Championship Winner with Riot & Dudley gets a CM - Handled by Todd

2019 Betsey Wins with Riot at the Canadian Amateur National Championship

2020 National Amateur Championship Scott and Dibbs get a CM

2021 Andre wins the Canadian Amateur National with Judy & gets a CM with Minnie

2022 National Open High Point with DJ - Handled by Todd

342 Dibbs & Todd.jpg
Photo B Junior 2nd place copy_01R0184.jpg

Todd Agnew

PO Box 25

Mitchell, GA 30820


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