Gun Dog Seminars

 Gun Dog Training Seminar Schedule 

Dogs and participants will be limited so contact us to reserve your slot…it is likely that they will fill quickly. We will be covering our entire gun dog training program from an 8-week old puppy to a finished gun dog with all the exposure, shaping, obedience training and field training that is required. This is for gun dogs, hunt test participants and those with English springer spaniel or English cocker spaniel field trial aspirations. You can train your own dog, you probably just need some guidance on how to get the job done.

Future Seminar Schedule

The place boards that we use click here

We have found that these place boards are so perfect for city or country training. They are light and fit in small areas. We do not make any money on this product we are just showing what we use. You can click the link to buy on a different site. 

Training Table Drawing Click Here

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