Gun Dog Seminars

Proper Behavior

Bringing a dog into your home can be a wonderful experience.

It can also be a nightmare if you and your dog have different ideas on what "proper behavior" means.

Which is why you need the right training program!

 Dog Training Seminar Schedule 

Young Dog Foundation Seminar

When: May 1-2, 2021

Where: Mitchell, Georgia


Cost: $500 for Handler and one dog (limited); no observers


Focus: The focus will be on young dogs in development. These are young dogs in their experience level. The age of the dog is irrelevant.


Topics: Relationship building through clicker/treats, the importance of creating a problem-solving mind with your dog, basic obedience in the yard and field, proper bird and gun introduction.


Format: This is a working seminar so be prepared to be active with your dog. We will be moving quickly back and forth with the dogs to develop engagement between you and your dog.


Contact: Mail checks to PO Box 25, Mitchell, GA 30820, contact Christina with questions.


After purchasing my second field bred Springer spaniel I read an article about the way Todd starts his young dogs. The article intrigued me so I bought Todd’s book “Spaniel Training”. After reading the book his training path seemed simple, effective and made sense to me. Lucky for me he announced an upcoming spring three day training seminar located at his kennel. 


The seminar would work step by step through his book hands on using guests and kennel dogs. To see Todd demonstrate the drills and techniques in his book with guests using dogs was a game changer for me. I returned home and started using Todd’s training techniques and drills on my older dog as well as my new puppy. 


Months later I entered my older dog in a two day trial in Virginia and he placed both days. Yesterday my young dog Kate won the amateur in the Central Virginia trial and placed second two weeks ago in the second amateur Hall of Fame trial in Tennessee. Todd has always made himself available for advice and I will most likely travel down to his kennel again in the future. Todd and Christina offer top notch hospitality and a very informative seminar. 




Todd Agnew

PO Box 25

Mitchell, GA 30820