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Proper Behavior

Bringing a dog into your home can be a wonderful experience.

It can also be a nightmare if you and your dog have different ideas on what "proper behavior" means.

Which is why you need the right training program!

A Three~Day Spaniel Training Seminar!
January 6-8, 2023

Topics Covered 

Characteristics true of all dogs

Importance of dog training consistencies

Pros, Cons and concepts of electronic collar-training

Shape your dog’s behavior from the start

Importance of, and danger of socialization

Developing puppy games

Proper introduction to game

Proper introduction to the gun

A lifetime of foundation

Training your dog to a finished level

Use of live birds throughout the seminar

Participants apply concepts to their dog’s level

Prepare your dog for next hunting season!

Pass your next hunt test!

Develop dogs that are not trial-wise!


Our training philosophy is based on several levels of training that leverage the dog’s psychological make-up to get the results we need. We are shaping behavior from the first day! 

At a very young age, we introduce the dog to birds and the gun. After this proper introduction, we begin collar conditioning and formal obedience in the yard and in the field. After adding patterning (proper use of the wind) and advanced training (steady-to-wing-and-shot), we end up with a fin-ished dog that your friends will be honored to hunt over. 

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