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Developing Spaniels Is Our Passion

With ticks, cold hands, wet feet, fluctuating bird numbers, wolves, other hunters, muddy trucks and increasing expenses, why go to the grouse woods? Dog training of course! If you want to produce excellent bird finding canines, you need to train them where the wild birds are. There is no better wild bird for training spaniels than the ruff grouse.

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2023 Springer Open National Championship Winner

Todd and Chance win the 2023 open National

Available For Stud

2023 Springer Open National Championship Winner

NFC FC Crosswinds Watch This - Chance

Owner - Cheryl Spearling

Handled by - Todd Agnew

New Podcast Is Out!
Bird Camp Podcast
Upland Bird Hunting in Michigan focusing on Ruffed Grouse and woodcock. Conversations about the birds, habitat, and dogs with people who enjoy them.

Dudley wins high point
FC Craney Hill Dalmore Dudley
2017 National Open High Point Dog
DJ wins high point
FC Craney Hill Grouse On Glendye - DJ
2022 National Open High Point Dog
A Dudley Son
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Creating A Problem~Solver!

Creating A Problem-Solver 

Regardless of what your dog’s job is going to be, companion, obedience or field dog, all dogs need to be compliant. Save your shoulder from your dog pulling you down the path. Have a dog that is excited to be obedient. 

Your Success Starts Here!

Access to Todd's training video clips. Todd explains what and why during his training session.

The videos will range from puppies to finished dogs.


Gun Dog Training

Gun Dog Training Camps to set a strong foundation for your dog.

Gun Dogs For Sale

We only sell English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels. 

Spaniel Field Trials

Contact us to learn how we can get the development done that your dog needs! 

Gun Dog Seminars

This is for gun dogs, hunt test participants and those with field trial aspirations. 

Private Consultations

You may feel you need some private help with training your dog.. 

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Field Trial Placements & Spaniel Litters

Thank You For Joining

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Client Love Notes!
Cheryl and Anthony with their cocker Gunner

There is no doubt that Todd and Christina of Craney Hill Kennel are the best of the best. They bring unparalleled knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and care to the development of spaniels. As a result of their expertise and guidance, we are constantly learning and growing with our dogs.

It has been five years since we purchased our first cocker spaniel puppy!!

We were new to everything, and we needed the same kind of training as our puppy. To begin with, Todd taught us the basics of dog training, and as our knowledge of the subject grew, so did our dog's. As a result, we began competing in field trials with our dog as well as discovering a passion for hunting with our dog.

"I often tell people that I do not train spaniels…I develop spaniels. It is a very fine distinction but a very important one. To me, a “trainer” implies a superiority over the pupil that is destined to fail from the beginning. A person that “develops” is destined to always be searching for ways to enhance communication and is learning to build a relationship to bring the most out of the pupil."

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