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Developing Spaniels Is Our Passion

We can help you achieve your goals with your spaniel;

whether it be obedience training, retrieving for pheasant shoots, or the dove field,

questing for game in the upland fields, grouse woods or field trial  competition.


It's been a few years since Todd was on the show. I always learn a few new tricks when I talk with him. We talk about everything from when to start training, to when to stop, (the answer is never!) Molding a pup early is a key factor. The proof comes in the hunting season.

Ron @ The Hunting Dog Podcast

Creating A Problem-Solver 

Regardless of what your dog’s job is going to be, companion, obedience or field dog, all dogs need to be compliant. Save your shoulder from your dog pulling you down the path. Have a dog that is excited to be obedient. 

- Your Success Starts Here -
✅ Know Where To Start

✅ Know What To Do Next

✅ Know How To Solve Problems 

Access to Todd's training video clips. Todd explains what and why during his training session.

The videos will range from puppies to finished dogs.

- Your Success Starts Here -

✅ Feel confident you're training your dog properly.

✅ Have a dog who makes you proud in the field.

✅ Have an amazing bond with your dog.

✅ Be able to say, "I did that."

✅ You get the perfect recipe for success in the hunting field, field trial or hunt test.


Spaniel training, or its development, as Todd would say, requires knowledge, time, and patience. This, along with the teaching component by Todd, translates into the Craney Hill Method.

Todd offers his expertise and knowledge based on his unique experiences. In turn, you get the perfect recipe for success in the hunting field, field trial or hunt test.

Gun Dog Training

Gun Dog Training Camps to set a strong foundation for your dog.

Gun Dogs For Sale

We only sell English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels. 

Spaniel Field Trials

Contact us to learn how we can get the development done that your dog needs! 

Gun Dog Seminars

This is for gun dogs, hunt test participants and those with field trial aspirations. 

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"The Spaniel Training Way"

Craney Hill Kennel is hands down the most outstanding, not only in terms of training dogs but also in terms of teaching owners such as myself. Todd is knowledgeable and helpful, and he's patient, too. During our discussions, he helps me define my expectations so that we are able to set attainable goals. There's no question that my pup from Craney Hill has an excellent temperament, and he's highly trainable. Whether he's at home, in the field, or on the road, he's awesome. Craney Hill Kennels has changed my life in a profound way because Todd's program develops us as a team. 

Marie & Hawk

Who Are The Tea Cuppers?


We are sometimes asked about a group known as the ‘Teacups’.

Ladies Who Hunt With Spaniels


"I often tell people that I do not train spaniels…I develop spaniels. It is a very fine distinction but a very important one. To me, a “trainer” implies a superiority over the pupil that is destined to fail from the beginning. A person that “develops” is destined to always be searching for ways to enhance communication and is learning to build a relationship to bring the most out of the pupil."


Todd Agnew

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Our kennel has been blessed with great dogs that have been successful

in the field not only for us but for our clients as well.

2017 National Open High Point with Dudley - Handled by Todd

2018 National Open Championship Winner with Riot & Dudley gets a CM - Handled by Todd

2019 Betsey Wins with Riot at the Canadian Amateur National Championship

2020 National Amateur Championship Scott and Dibbs get a CM

2021 Andre wins the Canadian Amateur National with Judy & gets a CM with Minnie

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