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Bringing a dog into your home can be a wonderful experience.

It can also be a nightmare if you and your dog have different ideas on what "proper behavior" means.

Which is why you need the right training program!

We can help you achieve your goals with your spaniel;

whether it be obedience, pheasant shoots, the dove field,

upland fields, grouse woods or competition.

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Puppy Development 101 - Creating A Problem-Solver is an opportunity to access the first portion of our educational seminar material online.

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Unlimited access to all of Todd's uploaded video clips.

The videos will range from puppies to finished dogs.

This subscription of $35 will renew each month.

Gun Dog Training

Gun Dog Training Camps to set a strong foundation for your dog.

Gun Dogs For Sale

We only sell English Springer Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels. 

Hunt Tests & Field Trials

Contact us to learn how we can get the development done that your dog needs! 

Gun Dog Seminars

This is for gun dogs, hunt test participants and those with field trial aspirations. 

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As a client who bought a 1.5 year old finished dog from Todd and Christina, I couldn’t be happier!

My lifestyle would have made it very difficult to put the foundation in that you get from the Craney Hill program.

The fact that Dexter (ESS) had hundreds of bird contacts before I got him was certainly a plus. I was able to successfully hunt him in the Michigan grouse woods just before he turned 2 and he performed well beyond my expectations.  


I was particularly excited about the training methods that Todd uses and am convinced they are the best practices for creating a happy well rounded family pet and hunting companion. 


I would recommend Craney Hill to anyone looking for a great spaniel that is a working dog who can also be a great addition to your home. 


If you don’t have the time, consider their puppy program to create a great foundation.




I had just committed to my first puppy, and I was nervous that I wouldn’t have the skillset to raise a genetically gifted animal into a happy and well-adjusted family dog.

I found Craney Hill Kennel in a list of dog trainers while reading Garden and Gun Magazine. It was the only trainer listed in Georgia, so I decided to reach out for help. I received far more than I could have ever dreamed. I found a mentor, a coach, and the kind of experience that simply yields self-confidence to those around him. I found a purpose for my dog.

I attended a seminar with my 5-month old pup, and my eyes were opened to what dogs are capable of doing. My expectations and standards were raised, and I became passionate about the process. It made sense to me, and I started to see that I could get similar results from my own dog.


Craney Hill provided the context, tools, and community that I needed to develop a wonderful working relationship with my dog. 





"I often tell people that I do not train spaniels…I develop spaniels. It is a very fine distinction but a very important one. To me, a “trainer” implies a superiority over the pupil that is destined to fail from the beginning. A person that “develops” is destined to always be searching for ways to enhance communication and is learning to build a relationship to bring the most out of the pupil."


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"I develop spaniels. It is a very fine distinction but a very important one”.
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