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Class Shooting Dogs!

We develop Class Shooting Dogs first!


Originally, the field trials were a test of the best shooting dogs. We still believe this is the way it should be. A Class Shooting Dog will need to handle a much wider array of situations than a field trial dog.

Let us show you how to develop a relationship with your spaniel. A relationship that will last a life time. 


Hunting Comes First!

Check out our article about Riot winning the 2018 National Open Championship in Irish Country Sports and Country Life. This is a varied publication that we recommend for hunters and fishermen. It is predominantly based in Ireland but does reach out to other locations. We get the publication for the articles not just on spaniels, but pointers and setters, lurches, whippets, terriers, cockers and hounds. All the sporting groups help to shape the development of our spaniels. Below is a link to the publication with the article about Riot’s win and from there, you can inquire regarding subscriptions…this is a great magazine!



If you want to train a Spaniel from A-Z then Craney Hill is the place for you. Starting with a puppy fresh from the litter on through the endless stages of maturity, Todd and Christina will show the way. In the case of my busy dog life, there is much communication with Georgia (a 15 hour drive): questions, listening, pushing and working on solutions to changing issues. They are also my cheerleading squad on trial days! Training my own dogs has completely changed the relentless training routine at home.

The end results, be it shooting grouse or running trials, have gotten better and better. The experience has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Betsey Battistoni, Millbrook, NY 


I want to emphasize this fantastic experience can be far better described as a grouse “training” camp than solely a grouse camp. While still delivering on all the fine attributes of the latter, such as beautiful grouse habitat and often mischievous camaraderie, there was a focus on training. The value of a solid day of hunting wild birds with Indie while Todd observed was extraordinary. Todd gave me great insight on how to work her as a gun dog versus a hunt test participant. Often the changes he suggested were more about my actions than hers – not unexpected given she was trained by Todd and I was not! In the end Indie and I had a great time and came away with training goals for next year. We also made a few new friends that we hope to hunt with soon. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot next year – take it. Richard Lindsay - Boston



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