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Benefits of Shaving Your Dog In The Summer! It's That Time Again!!

Heat related health issues are easily among the most common in dogs, and if approached properly the benefits of shaving a dog in the summer months can provide most dogs some measure of relief. Before shaving a dog in the summer there are a number of considerations to ponder because every dog breed is not a good candidate to be shaven. The local climate, whether the dog is an inside or outside dog and the type of hair and dog breed are all aspects that must be examined closely prior to shaving a dog in the summer. A pet owner should be open to advice from professionals such as groomers and veterinarians, absorbing and analyzing the information at hand before reaching a final decision to shave their dog.

In general terms, shaving a dog in the summer does present a number of positive benefits such as keeping the dog cool during periods of excessive heat. Another benefit is that a shaven dog is much easier to groom and maintain simply because there is a reduction of hair that requires attention. Lastly, shaving a dog in the summer makes it much easier for a pet owner to detect infestations of pests such as fleas and ticks, and when discovered it becomes much easier to rid the animal of the pests.

Dixie Loves Her Haircut!!



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