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Dudley Puppies In Maine & Pants Placement!

Congratulations to Betsey & Pants for their 3rd place in the Amateur at the Central Maine Spaniel Club

Great judges and great grounds!

Thanks to all that helped put on the field trial!


Dudley Puppies Everywhere!

Great times in Maine while watching Susan run Dudley in the amateur. Dudley is retired these days but Susan takes him off the couch from time to time so she can learn more about handling in the field. Susan has a dog with us who is in development but she is not aloud to touch him much just yet, so she plays with Dudley. She is having a blast and so is Dudley! He loves Susan!!

It was also heartwarming to see 3 of Dudley's offspring running in the Maine field trial.

Betsey & Pants

Coltrane & Mary

Coltrane made it to the 3rd series this day!

Jewell & Theresa

Notes from Theresa today about this past weekend with Jewell.

She did a great job this weekend on her hunt dead and land passing her Senior both days. Plus a nice double flush!

Theresa captured this photo in Maine of

Todd & Jewell

Congratulations To All!

We really enjoyed seeing Dudley's kids in the field!

Wait till you see the next blog post!

Even more special!

I like to spread news in pieces!



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