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Dudley Pups Are On Fire At The Trials!!

Congratulations to Patrick Berry & Griffin on their CM

(Certificate of Merit) at the 2021 Canadian Amateur National

Spaniel Field Trial

Griffin is a very handsome pup by our Dudley

Patrick has been working very hard with his pup and it's really starting to show. Patrick is one of our Seminar groupies!

So happy for the both of you!!



Congratulations to Ms. Cathy & Raylan

on their Amateur 2nd place at the Northern Colorado

Springer Spaniel Field Trial

This was their first time running together in a trial.

Another Dudley pup... Looking good, keep at it Ms. Cathy!!

Ms. Cathy has also taken our Training Seminar.



Congratulations to Bob, Lucy & Snow on your open placements

at the Northern Colorado Springer Spaniel Club!

Snow (Dixie sister) received first place!

Lucy (Riot x Lone Star pup) received a 3rd place!

Lone Star is a half sister to Dixie.

Bob has also taken our Training Seminar.

So happy for all! Keep at it!

Bob shave that stuff off of your face!! LOL



Todd has developed a comprehensive philosophy for spaniel training into which each stage of his program fits perfectly. And I found it remarkable that Todd could cover each stage of training and development in a three day clinic.

Personally, I learned that I need to slow down during my own training sessions and in the progression of my training so that I can focus more on developing the right type of relationship with my dog. Within the first week or two after applying some of what I learned at the clinic, I started to see great results.

Patrick & Keller The Dog



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