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"Earl's New Springer Spaniel Pup Mae: A Heartwarming Addition to the Family"

Springer Spaniels Riley & Mae

Earl with his new springer spaniel Mae & older dog Riley.

Springer Spaniels

Ms. Roz with Riley & Mae

It was so exciting to receive an email from Mr. Earl recently. It was his desire to purchase another springer spaniel from us. Years ago, he bought a springer spaniel called Riley from us... He's what some of us called run off Riley, but DJ's mom Sarah can explain it better than I can. It's so funny! Maybe another blog post about the story..

Anyway, Riley is now 10 years old and Earl is very excited about this upcoming chapter in his life with Miss Mae. She is so sweet and perfect for Earl and his family.

Thank you Mr. Earl & Ms. Roz we look forward to getting many photos and notes about your new journey with Mae & Riley. We are so blessed to have you in the Craney Hill family.

Springer Spaniels at a pheasant shoot.

Earl, Todd, Riley & Dudley

This was a fabulous day!


Tilly x Chance Puppy Photos!!

The puppies are growing and gaining weight each day.. Tilly has been a fantastic mom with all 13 puppies. We had tails and dewclaws done the other day.


Todd with springer spaniels Riley and Alder


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