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Fun In The Field!!

Congratulations To Julio & Georgia On Their

Senior Hunt Test Pass In Alaska

So Happy For You Both!!


Some Dogs Just Don't Like Getting Photos Done!!

The Nova Scotians, Judy & Minnie, are rocking the field trials.

Judy receiving 1st, 2nd & 4th in Nova Scotia


Minnie receiving 2nd & Gunners Award in Nova Scotia

Handled by Andre Trudel

Congratulations We are so excited for y'all.

Sorry on the delay getting it posted.


Our kennel has been blessed with great dogs that have been successful

in the field not only for us but for our clients as well.

2017 National Open High Point with Dudley - Handled by Todd

2018 National Open Championship Winner with Riot & Dudley gets a CM - Handled by Todd

2019 Betsey Wins with Riot at the Canadian Amateur National Championship

2020 National Amateur Championship Scott and Dibbs get a CM

2021 Andre wins the Canadian Amateur National with Judy & gets a CM with Minnie


Spaniel training, or its development, as Todd would say, requires knowledge, time, and patience. This, along with the teaching component by Todd, translates into the Craney Hill Method.

Todd offers his expertise and knowledge based on his unique experiences. In turn, you get the perfect recipe for success in the hunting field, field trial or hunt test.

As they say, seeing is believing, and I believe in the Craney Hill Method! Todd and Christina are two very special people who have touched my life and opened my eyes to new and exciting possibilities.

As a bonus, I find their online "Training Forum" an invaluable tool. The videos and narratives of Todd working with his dogs at various stages of the training process are priceless. I can refer to what my pups are working on or what we can expect.

My sincere gratitude,

Pat Ford


Craney Hill just isn’t a place to take your Spaniel for training. If you spend the time to get to know Todd and Christina, the other clients of Craney Hill, you will benefit from it. I’m so glad I found Craney Hill on an Internet search of how to train a Spaniel. Without clicking that simple link, I may have missed out on some of the best experiences, friendships, and knowledge of Spaniels . If you have the opportunity, even if you do not have a Spaniel, please come to a seminar or training event. I am so glad I did and became a part of the Craney Hill family. I constantly look forward to going to GA for the training, information, and friendship. January is right around the corner so sign up for the seminar, but don’t forget to bring donuts, cookies, or macaroni and cheese. Todd will appreciate it!




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