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Fun Times In Ohio!

On the way home to Georgia we made a pit stop in Ohio for a field trial. The dogs were out of the Grouse woods and back running the trials. The Tea Cup ladies, Donnie & Carolyn were also there running their dogs. We always have a lot of laughs together.


Congratulations to Dibbs on his first place at the Ohio Open Trial

& DJ on his 3rd place in the same trial.




Todd has developed a comprehensive philosophy for spaniel training into which each stage of his program fits perfectly. And I found it remarkable that Todd could cover each stage of training and development in a three day clinic.

Personally, I learned that I need to slow down during my own training sessions and in the progression of my training so that I can focus more on developing the right type of relationship with my dog. Within the first week or two after applying some of what I learned at the clinic, I started to see great results.

Patrick & Keller


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