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Gun Dog Training!

The next camp is scheduled to begin on December 1 and spots are already filling up.

During the cold and snowy months, send your dog south for a tune-up.

Basic gun dog training is focused on getting your puppy or young dog off to the right start before negative traits are established.

Advanced gun dog training is to build on the foundation previously established by our basic gun dog training, or the foundation put in place by the owner. Dogs learn formal obedience, proper hunting pattern, staying in control and simple blind retrieves.

Have a dog who makes you proud in the field.

✅ Don't Miss Out!!

We will develop a strong foundation for your English springer spaniel and English cocker spaniel. This starts as a puppy and can continue into adulthood. We stress educating the owner and getting maximum value for the good money you spend…


Join Our Training Forum!

- Your Success Starts Here -

✅ Know Where To Start

✅ Know What To Do Next

✅ Know How To Solve Problems

✅ Feel confident you're training your dog properly.

✅ Have a dog who makes you proud in the field.

✅ Have an amazing bond with your dog.

✅ Be able to say, "I did that."

✅ You get the perfect recipe for success in the hunting field, field trial or hunt test.



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