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If You Want A Bird Dog, You Need Birds!

If You Want Your Dog To Learn To Trust His Nose, You Need Birds!

In this video you will see the puppies Daisy, Fletch &

Monty working on finding and chasing quail.

Our quail course is comprised of 4-5 pen-raised quail recall pens throughout our property. They are placed in different areas of our property to give the puppies exposure to different types of cover. Usually, the puppies run in and flush the quail soon as they see them. If the quail only fly a short distance (this would be great), then the puppies may chase them and flush them again.

Not all the puppies are the same and they will develop their bird work on different schedules. The goal is to provide an environment that fosters confidence in your puppies’ bird work. The goal is NOT to create a rebel. Remember, more pressure is seldom the answer. Do not make it so bird crazy that you need a large amount of pressure later to keep it in control.

I go on “puppy walks” for an indefinite time period. I am looking for a puppy to AGGRESSIVELY quest and chase the quail. I cannot tell you how long it takes as there are too many variables. Get going on the “puppy walks” and it will accelerate your puppy's

desire to quest game.


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