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It Takes Time & Patience!!

Congratulations Braker & Todd!!

Braker wins the Open at the Stillwater Valley Springer FT In Ohio

His owner Susan was in CO at the time but I think we heard

her scream with excitement all the way in Ohio…

There was a lot of dancing and yelling we were told!!

Congratulations to Susan & her boy Braker!!

Congratulations To Lucy & Todd

Lucy gets second place in the Open at the Stillwater Valley Springer FT In Ohio

Congratulations to her owner, Mr. Bob!!

She really is enjoying all of the photo attention recently!! LOL


And Then We Have Cheryl & Chance!!

Tea Cupper Cheryl & Chance!!

They had a great run together at the Stillwater Valley Spaniel FT in Ohio!

They placed second in the Amateur!! This was Cheryl’s first time placing in a FT...

We all were very excited about this moment, and so happy that a bunch of us were there to experience this moment with you..

Well done Ms. Cheryl!!!

Keep at it and it’s about time!! LOL


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