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MI Grouse Camp - 10/2021

Grouse Camp With The Tea Cup Training Team!!

Let The Fun Begin!

Will They Keep Their Dogs Steady?

Let's Hope So!

Gitty Up!

See Y'all Next Year!!



I want to emphasize this fantastic experience can be far better described as a grouse “training” camp than solely a grouse camp. While still delivering on all the fine attributes of the latter, such as beautiful grouse habitat and often mischievous camaraderie, there was a focus on training. The value of a solid day of hunting wild birds with Indie while Todd observed was extraordinary. Todd gave me great insight on how to work her as a gun dog versus a hunt test participant. Often the changes he suggested were more about my actions than hers – not unexpected given she was trained by Todd and I was not!

In the end Indie and I had a great time and came away with training goals for next year. We also made a few new friends that we hope to hunt with soon. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot next year – take it.

Richard Lindsay - Boston


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