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New Beginnings!!

Camille, Grier & Bert

Camille, Grier, and Bert are embarking on a new journey together!!

We wrote a blog story not too long ago about Clair, who belonged to Camille and Grier. The story can be found here if you haven't read it yet.

Camille reached out to us asking whether we had a springer that was available

and that she is ready for another one. I think a couple of weeks passed and I reached out to Camille to let her know we have a wonderful, sweet dog for her and Grier.. I did some videos and photos, they pondered and replied back we will take Bert...

The last time they were here, they left with Clair, and we all cried... When they came to pick up Bert, we all cried again.. It's what we do when we see each other. LOL

Congratulations Y'all!!!

We are so happy for y'all and Happy Birthday Camille...

Love You Both, Christina


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