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Placements & Things In Iowa!

Congratulations To

Raylan 1st place in the open at the Ohio Valley Springer FT NEW FC TITLE!!!


DJ 2nd place in the open at the Ohio Valley Springer FT....

It's not official as of yet but we are pretty sure that DJ is the High Point winner..

It is beyond words how happy we are with our boy DJ!


Having Fun On The Iowa Farm!

Dustin enjoying some fishing fun on his own pond.

Here is Dustin with his pup Roz!

In Coming!!


Ohio Field Trial Fun!!


To produce wild birds successfully, your dog needs to beat a wild bird at its own game and on its home turf. These birds have honed their escape routes. They know when something is out of place and they know you and your dog do not belong!

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Great seeing you Mid-Ohio. You brought some fine people and great dogs with you.

Thanks for the battery boost to get my vehicle going!

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