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Spaniel Training In Northern MI

Here We Are Once Again In Northern MI!

It’s a long drive and a lot of work to leave GA and then set everything up here in MI. We absolutely love it here and the weather is so ideal for the dogs and us. Follow along with us during our Grouse hunting and spaniel training. Enjoy the photos and videos!!!

Dudley is happy to just relax on the hill while all the other dogs have to work! LOL

It’s taking a little time to get used to the cooler temps,

but it’s awesome not to be sweating any longer.

Big dogs going to work!

Moose was the first spaniel to find and flush a Grouse.

The hunting season on Grouse and Woodcock is not open yet

but the dogs can run in the woods so they can get experience.

This is why we come to this location.

The young dogs become big dogs during this time.

It’s apple pickin time!!

There are apple trees that surround us and Dudley’s favorite thing to do besides laying around these days is picking up apples in the back yard and bringing them to me. Such a sweet boy!!



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