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Springer & Cocker FT Placements!

Congratulations to everyone that placed this past weekend!

1st Place - Brody (Baby Huey) & Tom

Northern MN Springer Trial

Our hearts are overflowing with happiness for you both.

You've worked hard, and things are really coming together.

At the same trial Cathy & Raylan get 4th place!

So happy for Y'all. Looking good Ms. Cathy!

Raylan is a Dixie x Dudley pup... He is extra special.

On the same weekend at the Northern MN Club, Mr. Bob (no picture provided)

also participated in the cocker trial.

His cocker Oz placed 2nd, and Pun got 4th place.

Well done, Mr. Bob, with those crazy little cockers.


Over in Wisconsin, things are happening!

Congratulations to David & Bailee on their 2nd place finish.

The cocker trial was held at the Central Wisconsin Sporting Club.

Go Bay Bay!!!


At the Central Wis Sporting Club for Springers

Congratulations to DJ & Todd they received 3rd place.

DJ's parents Rich & Sarah are over the moon happy for their boy!

Another special boy sired by Dudley!


Well that's it for now!

This weekend will be another busy time for our field trial clients.

Good luck to all and have fun!


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