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Springer Puppy Play Day With Friends

Leah with a springer spaniel puppy

Puppy play day was a delightful event that brought joy to everyone in attendance. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Leah, Toby, Mr. Larry, and Ms. Sarah for coming over to play with the Springer puppies from Tilly and Chance.

Leah and Toby, who were here from Germany, were here visiting with Leah's grandparents, Larry and Sarah. It was a pleasure to have them join us for the day. The puppies thoroughly enjoyed the company of these new individuals, and their energy levels reached an all-time high.

The puppies had a blast running around, playing fetch, and exploring the backyard with Leah, Toby, Larry, and Sarah. They showed off their playful personalities and interacted with everyone in attendance. It was truly a day filled with laughter and countless adorable moments.

Once again, I would like to thank Leah, Toby, Larry, and Sarah for making Puppy play day a memorable experience for everyone. Your presence brought joy to the puppies and added to the overall atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Puppy social time is an essential aspect of raising a well-rounded and well-behaved dog. By providing puppies with opportunities for social interaction, we can help them develop into confident, happy, and sociable adult dogs. Start early, be consistent, and provide them with positive experiences to ensure their success.

Leah with a male springer spaniel puppy

OMG The Look!!!!

Leah was smitten with this puppy...

Carry on back to Germany???!!! LOL


Todd with springer spaniel dogs Riley and Alder


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