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Susan, Cheryl & Jeff Make It To The Amateur Nationals

Congratulations to Susan, Cheryl and Jeff on qualifying for the Amateur National Championship this year. It is quite an achievement for them to have made it this far with their dogs. This is the first time they have qualified their dogs for the National, and we are extremely proud of their hard work and dedication.

Throughout the season, Susan, Cheryl, and Jeff have worked diligently to prepare their dogs for the challenges they would face at the National Championship. They have faced numerous obstacles along the way, but their commitment to their dogs never wavered. Their perseverance and determination are truly admirable.

Cheryl made it to the third series and did an outstanding job. Her advancement and knowledge continues to expand providing hope for the future.

Jeff and his two-year-old dog Frasier had a successful National and reached the fourth series. Jeff should be extremely proud of his accomplishments.

Susan and Braker also made it to the fourth series and showed some good work. Her dog has a lot of go and things happen very quickly. The future is promising.

Congratulations Susan, Cheryl, and Jeff. We are thrilled with your success. We look forward to next year's National Championship and cheering for you every step of the way.


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