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The Adventures of Charlie!

Our dear friend Mike Wallace and Tammy Ryan have come out with a wonderful children's book about his cocker Charlie. For those of you in the field trial world know all about Charlie, he is that cute red cocker running around while Mike is getting ready for the trial or hanging out in the front seat of Mike's truck. We are so happy for Mike on his new adventure of writing children's books. Please visit Charlie's website and to get a copy of this wonderful book.

A colorful and fun story about Charlie, a little red dog that meets his new family and begins a new life full of adventure and excitement. As Charlie explores the world around him with Christopher, he finds happiness in his new life and with his new family. The first of more adventures to come!

Our mission is to introduce the love and joy a dog can bring into your life by sharing our experiences through Charlie. While reading about Charlies adventures, children will learn the basic needs of their furry friends and understand their needs.

Congratulations Mike & Tammy!

We look forward to the next chapter in Charlie's adventures!


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