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Two Paws Up: The Success of Tea Cupper Louise & Amie at the Spaniel Hunt Test, and Jeff & Frasier Shine at the Field Trial.

🎉🏆Congratulations to Louise and her cocker spaniel Amie on their great success at the spaniel hunt test here in Georgia! 🏆🎉

We are thrilled to announce that Louise and her adorable cocker spaniel Amie have achieved a remarkable achievement by receiving their third and fourth senior hunter passes. With just one more pass, they will soon be able to receive their senior hunter title.

🌟🐾We are absolutely over the moon with joy for Louise!!

Their dedication and hard work have paid off, and it is truly encouraging to witness their success. Amie has consistently displayed her outstanding hunting skills and unwavering determination, making her a true star in the field.

💪🐾Louise's commitment to training and improving Amie is commendable, 🐾💪

Together, they make an impressive team, and their accomplishments prove it. We eagerly anticipate their pursuit of the fifth pass and their upcoming title.

🌟💖We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Louise and Amie on their continued success, 💖🌟


Springer Spaniel with a red ribbon
Frasier 2nd Place

Well done Jeff and Frasier!

Once again, Jeff and Frasier have demonstrated their exceptional skills in the spaniel field trials. Jeff managed to take second place in the amateur at the Stillwater springer field trial in Ohio. This marks another impressive achievement for the duo. Y'all are on fire!

It is truly captivating to witness these two working in harmony in the field. The partnership between Jeff and Frasier displays a synergy that is breathtaking. Their ability to navigate challenging terrain is a testament to their dedication and determination.

With two wins and two second-place finishes, Jeff and Frasier have also earned a gunners award. Talent and training contribute to their consistent success. We are incredibly proud of their achievements and delighted to have them as part of our team.

Jeff, congratulations on your accomplishment. Keep up the good work.


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Hello, I was wondering if you have a written training

manual?? I think I may have seen it mentioned?

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