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Two Wins In CT!!!!

We had a good weekend in CT as Todd won the Open with Raylan and Donnie won the Amateur with Alice! This was the first Open win/placement for Raylan and it was the first placement ever for Donnie…and a blue ribbon on top of it. We are so proud of Donnie and Alice. Alice was bought over two years ago, and he had never before owned a spaniel, or even been to a field trial. It has been an up and down year for him, but to win a little over one year after participating in his first field trial is a great accomplishment! Todd said the nerves got a little tighter as the day wore on but Donnie kept his head clear and did a great job going for the win. We are so happy for Donnie!

Congratulations To Donnie & Alice!!

First field trial ribbon and it's blue!!

Congratulations Raylan!!

Congratulations to his owners Bob and Cathy!!

BTW Raylan is a Dudley x Dixie Pup!!


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