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"Behind the Scenes at Craney Hill Kennel: A Day in the Life of Professional Dog Training"

Craney Hill Kennel has been rather busy over the past few weeks. A number of our clients have been training with us in preparation for their next field trial. It has also been a great pleasure to spend a few days with a friend of ours Pat as he is traveling around with his Springer Spaniels so he can also prepare for his next field trial that will take place in TN. Despite hearing that his shooting was suspect, he managed to shoot a few birds for our Springer Spaniel puppy, Noodles.

Great Shot!!

The Traveling Springer Spaniels!!


Now that everyone cleared out, Todd was finally able to attend to all the dogs in the kennel. This morning's task involved hooking up the field trial dogs for a nice long run on the ATV. The dogs thoroughly enjoyed their morning runs, and Todd made sure to include everyone, no matter how small. Even those little English Cockers got in on the action and couldn't resist the temptation of a good run!


In the late morning Todd spent time getting out the chain gang so all of the young puppies could experience time on the chain gang. This is so great for them. They learn to pull and give all on their own.

Puppies Need Stress~Check This Out!!

Puppies Need Stress
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Just another fun day training the Spaniels.


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