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Congratulations DJ!

Congratulations to DJ on his 2nd place at the Central New England Open Field Trial on Dec 11th. The boy is on fire! We are so proud of our Dudley pup..

DJ is at home in Boston for a short vacation with his family. We have heard that DJ and his owner were out hunting together and having a blast. Something to the effect of he made an awesome water retrieve today! You would think that his owner would send us some photos to go along with the bragging, but NO!


We will be closing the sign up for our seminar on Dec 20th. We would like to thank everyone who has signed up for our 3 days of training fun!

We look forward to seeing y'all.


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After purchasing my second field bred Springer spaniel I read an article about the way Todd starts his young dogs. The article intrigued me so I bought Todd’s book “Spaniel Training”. After reading the book his training path seemed simple, effective and made sense to me. Lucky for me he announced an upcoming spring three day training seminar located at his kennel.

The seminar would work step by step through his book hands on using guests and kennel dogs. To see Todd demonstrate the drills and techniques in his book with guests using dogs was a game changer for me. I returned home and started using Todd’s training techniques and drills on my older dog as well as my new puppy.

Months later I entered my older dog in a two day trial in Virginia and he placed both days. Yesterday my young dog Kate won the amateur in the Central Virginia trial and placed second two weeks ago in the second amateur Hall of Fame trial in Tennessee. Todd has always made himself available for advice and I will most likely travel down to his kennel again in the future. Todd and Christina offer top notch hospitality and a very informative seminar.




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