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Old Friends! Hello Junior!

Recently we had a wonderful visit with Junior at our MI Grouse Camp. The photos above are Todd and Junior from back in 2012 at the Central Ontario Trial. Many moons ago!


Chase & Junior have had great experiences together in the field and at home and now Chase and his new bride are ready for their next journey with Jack the Springer. Jack is an Alice x Dudley puppy. Jack is going home to get used to the city life before he comes back to Craney Hill Camp. As you can see Jack and Junior are on the couch together and having a great time.

Thank you for bringing Junior by to see us, he warms are heart!



3 Day Gun Dog Training Seminar

To have a finished dog, there are three primary

phases of the dog’s training:

1. Puppy shaping, games and boundaries

2. Formal obedience and expectations

3. Patterning and advanced training

Let us show you how YOU can work with your dog to create:

1. A bold and confident student

2. A dog that hunts in control

3. A dog that responds the first time



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