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Placements & Books!

Congratulations to Robert on his placements!! Obviously he is hard at work with his dogs.

It appears he is enjoying all the photo moments.

2nd place with Ace in the open & 2nd place with Cash in the puppy...

Congratulations to Mr. Tom & Brody!!!!

You are also collecting a few ribbons this season!!

Brody (Baby Huey) 3rd place in the Amateur in Nebraska..


The Adventures of Charlie - First Christmas Is Finally Ready To Order!!

Get your copy today before they are all gone!!

You can order from our dear friend Mike Wallace


More fun with Dudley on his birthday! Three of his kids (DJ, Chance and Roz) showed up to share some of his cupcake... I intended for Dudley to have his own cupcake, but Todd thought the kids should have some also... Enjoy the video!!


Whether your game is a field trial, hunt test, game preserve or wild bird hunting; the real field trial, we must separate the bird dogs from the imposters. And, that must shake out itself as nature has always done it in the grouse woods.


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