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"Raving Reviews: The Buzz on Our Spaniels"

Todd and Christina are among the best in the field of spaniel training. It's all about dogs, period. It is a pleasure to own the two dogs Todd and Christina started for me. Upon receiving them, both dogs were approximately 18 months of age, and they had varying levels of training. Essentially, this speaks to an approach to training that focuses on letting the dog develop at its own pace. 

When I flew down to see the first dog, Dexter, I was really impressed and obviously moved forward with the process. Christina and Todd have kept in touch to make sure Dexter is doing well. That was five years ago. Todd has always offered advice whenever I run into training or behavior problems. 

Please keep in mind that these issues were more about me than the dog, but I digress.  When it was time for Dexter to have a brace mate, I called Todd and asked, “what do you have? ” Since I knew Todd would give me an honest assessment, I did not have to fly down to his facility. It has been four weeks since our second dog, Noodles, became a member of our family. So far, he has fitted in well with our family. We are delighted to welcome another Craney Hill dog into the family. There is no one else I would consider for a dog.  


These are the fifth and sixth springers in our family. I believe that Craney Hill dogs differ significantly from my other springers in two important respects. The first thing you should know is that Todd and Christina's dogs possess a vast amount of genetic potential. 

Secondly, Todd's training/development style produces well-socialized and confident bird finders.

This year, I was privileged to attend the training seminar while picking up Noodles, and it was truly eye-opening. In addition to all the subtle interactions I could improve, Christina and Todd's champion dogs have shown me what is possible. 

As a result, I came away truly motivated and inspired to improve my training technique. If you are looking for a spaniel and are serious about training and hunting or trialing, you should purchase a dog from Todd and Christina and invest in their puppy program.

Thank you both, Tim



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