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"Tim and Noodles: Embarking on a New Adventure Together"

Two English Springer Spaniels

Congratulations Tim on acquiring your new dog Noodles! We are thrilled for you and your family and believe this new addition will be a great enhancement to your lives. Noodles is truly a fantastic dog, but unfortunately he had experienced kennel stress and could no longer stay with us. We understand that kennel stress can be a challenging issue for dogs, and it was important to find an environment that better suited his needs.

Tim's decision to acquire another dog for grouse hunting in Michigan was wise. As Dexter, Tim's other Springer, is now 6.5, it is necessary to consider the changing needs and abilities of your older hunting companion. While Dexter may not realize it yet, his age is beginning to show.

Two Springer Spaniels Playing

People often have concerns about how older dogs will act once they are brought home. However, it is evident that Noodles is adjusting well and is enjoying his time with his big brother Dexter. The photos shared showcase a delightful bond between the dogs, and it is heartwarming to see how well they are already bonding.

Two Springer Spaniels Playing

Tim's decision to provide Noodles with a loving and stable home was an excellent decision. The bond between Noodles and Dexter is evident, and they will enjoy their lives together. Thank you for giving these two dogs a fantastic home where they can thrive and continue their adventures. We look forward to receiving many updates and photos about Noodles and Dexter.

Two Springer Spaniels Laying Next To Each Other



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