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 Ladies Who Train Dogs In The Field

We are sometimes asked about a group known as the ‘Teacups’.


In our many years of training dogs, one of the greater challenges can be training the humans. 

That challenge can be fun if the humans are interested and engaged in trying to understand the process and communicating with the dogs. Such a group evolved with several ladies who owned different breeds of flushing  spaniels and were seeking more field knowledge and adventure. Thus began the training, the laughter, the teasing, thousands of questions.....and the challenge. Perhaps the Teacup name came from post-training afternoon picnicking in the breeze under the shade trees...

At any rate, the name stuck and they have their own description and seem to have their own playbook rules....mystery.

 Perhaps there’s some similarity to teacups and dogs??

Aesthetics or just functionality?

Match teacups to teapot?

Or teacup to tea type?

Serving guests or on your own? 


Drinking mindfully or absentmindedly?

Y'all can decide!

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