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Smitty & Roading!!

Welcome To The Farm Smitty!!

Smitty is the newest addition to Craney Hill Kennel.

At the moment he is running around the house and Dixie & Dudley

are trying to hide and they are giving me this look

not this again!!

As you can see Todd is controlling Smitty on the left,

and then Smitty controlling Todd on the right…

Humm who will win in the end???

Me on the other hand, it’s all about having fun with the puppies!!!

Smitty is enjoying finding bumpers out in the backyard and also has learned to bring me my slippers or slipper!!!

SHHHH Don’t Tell Todd!!!!

This is when all of the fun begins and Todd is up at 5am working on:

Developing Your Spaniel

Learning the importance of shaping behaviors, allowing your dog to make choices, developing a dog that will go to work, and getting your dog off to a good start without pressure.


It’s Time To Go For A Run!!!

We still have some cool mornings here in GA,

so Todd has been taking the dogs for a run.

All the cockers and springers are on there running together.

We only run the older dogs at this point.



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