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Springer Field Trial Awards!

Congratulations to Ms. Cathy on her Missouri Amateur Spaniel Field Trial placements!

Raylan and Cathy are on fire!

We are so happy to see this Dudley pup doing so well!

Keep at it Cathy!

Raylan 1st Place at the Missouri Trial (Dudley Pup)

2nd Place at the CO Trial

Raylan & Lolo

Cathy also received a 3rd with Lolo at the same trial.

As you can see she is starting to be a ribbon hog!

Congratulations again Cathy!


Congratulations to Tom & Brody on their 4th place at

the Missouri Amateur Spaniel Field Trial

We are so happy to see Tom and Brody smiling together.

We miss you Brody!

Keep at it!


Congratulations to our Dudley boy DJ, he placed 3rd at the Euclid Open Spaniel Field Trial

Handled by Todd

Owners Rich and Sarah

So nice to have the boy back!



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