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Springer Puppies!!

Alice Is Pregnant!!

Alice and Dudley puppies should come the first week of July. We will keep you all in the loop!


Dixie Is Pregnant!!

Dixie and DJ puppies

should come soon after Alice's puppies.

Keep an eye out for more information on the litters.



Teach The Task

Reward The Behavior

Increase The Expectation

Polish The Behavior Through Repetition


Bringing a dog into your home can be a wonderful experience.

It can also be a nightmare if you and your dog have different ideas

on what "proper behavior" means.

Which is why you need the right training program!

Order Your Copy Today!


Join The Training Forum!!

The forum is an excellent adjunct to the training manual! Unlike the training manual or our training seminars, we will be able to get into the nuances and very detailed expansion of what we do. The manual and seminars are the "nuts & bolts" of the Craney Hill Method. You and your dog are likely to progress differently.

This is where the training forum can help!

Join other like-minded people in a friendly and respectful platform while you go through the process of having your dog trained. Share your stories. Get some help. Help someone else. Follow us at the kennel and while we are on the road, in the woods or on the prairie. Get kennel announcements before the public. Meet new people to share the journey with. You do not need to worry about "off-topics" here. There will be no politics, religion, hate or ads! This is all the positive of social media without the junk that is associated in the free social media platforms.


"More Pressure Is Seldom The Answer.

Train With Elasticity

And Your Relationship

With Your Spaniel Will Flourish."


Private Consultations!

You may feel you need some private help with training your dog. Private sessions can address a broad range of training needs, but are particularly useful in resolving problems which, because of their nature or complexity, cannot be easily handled by yourself.


To anyone considering Todd Agnew and Craney Hill Kennel as a place to buy or train a Spaniel, I give my resounding endorsement. Todd will make your priorities his priority and return to you a more skilled and disciplined hunter. Art Fields, Charlotte, NC


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