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Tea Cup Training Day!!

Our field training day was again a great success with the Tea Cuppers and the Gents!!

Thank you everyone for such a fun day, which followed by an awesome lunch together. Our Georgia weather was a bit on the cold side for us southern people so we had a nice cozy time inside where is was warm and dry. As you can see Todd was trying to hide and not be in the photo... Ha on him!!!

Todd sporting his new Scottish cap!! It was perfect for this cold day!!

As you can see Dixie and Dudley are happy to have their couch back!! This is how they always look after the Tea Cuppers leave!! FYI so does Todd!! LOL


Our training seminar is officially full!!!

We will keep you updated on any new dates for our next seminar.


What to do with all of DJ's trophies and ribbons!!

Photos coming soon!!


It's not too late to gift someone with one of our online classes or perhaps our training forum. You can let them decide and send them one of our gift cards.



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