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"Unleashing Potential: Spaniels, Gundog Training & Grouse with Todd & The Bird Camp Podcast"

Welcome to Bird Camp Podcasts. Joe Schwenke has been the host of Bird Camp for 3 years and has been heading to birdcamp in the U.P. every October for 12 years. A self described lover of the shotgun, Joe pursues wingshooting in an attempt to achieve the perfect shot. Along the way the beauty of the marshes and uplands makes the journey worth more than the destination.  

Woodcock In Hand

Woodcock In Hand~Maine

Christina Power Photography

Jack and David with Woodcock

Jack & David with Woodcock~Wisconsin

Christina Power Photography

Betsey & Riot

Rich & Indie

Scott & Dibbs

Side by Side & Grouse

All In Maine


Todd with Springer Spaniels Riley and Alder


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