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Hunting & Training Spaniels!

On the way to the woods to go hunting with the spaniels we had a bull elk cross the road in front of us. I quickly grabbed my phone trying to get this photo!

Kaya the cocker working in the woods.

A beautiful day at the office!!

Puppy walks are the best!!

And they are off and running!!


Roz with her first woodcock!!


Frasier & Todd going into the woods!

Hank & Todd

Hank is having a great time at doggie camp!!


We hunted all morning with the young dogs and now it's time to do some training with the field trial dogs. We found this great field to for an afternoon of training.

This is Alice

Alice working a retrieve.

Lyric working in the field.

That is all for this day! We hope you enjoyed our video clips & photos...


To produce wild birds successfully, your dog needs to beat a wild bird at its own game and on its home turf. These birds have honed their escape routes.


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