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Another Successful Seminar!

There was a great deal of information presented over three days in our seminar.

As always, we would like to thank all who attended and we were so fortunate that the weather wasn't too bad, just a few cool mornings.

If you didn't get enough of Todd's teaching join our training forum! The training forum is all videos of Todd working with different dogs and different stages in their training.

Our training philosophy is based on several levels of training that leverage the dog’s psychological make-up to get the results we need. We are shaping behavior from the first day!

At a very young age, we introduce the dog to birds and the gun. After this proper introduction, we begin collar conditioning and formal obedience in the yard and in the field. After adding patterning (proper use of the wind) and advanced training (steady-to-wing-and-shot), we end up with a fin-ished dog that your friends will be honored to hunt over.

Keep an eye out for our next training seminar!!



We really appreciated your seminar. We are still processing the large amount of instruction and insights you provided.

Tilly will be a better dog and we will be better dog owners for having attended. You helped us move along the road to better understanding the dogs point of view.

Wishing you a successful year for you and your dogs.

Julie, Rod, and Tilly

Craney Hill just isn’t a place to take your Spaniel for training. If you spend the time to get to know Todd and Christina, the other clients of Craney Hill, you will benefit from it. I’m so glad I found Craney Hill on an Internet search of how to train a Spaniel. Without clicking that simple link, I may have missed out on some of the best experiences, friendships, and knowledge of Spaniels . If you have the opportunity, even if you do not have a Spaniel, please come to a seminar or training event. I am so glad I did and became a part of the Craney Hill family. I constantly look forward to going to GA for the training, information, and friendship. Don’t forget to bring donuts, cookies, or macaroni and cheese. Todd will appreciate it!




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