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Tea Cup Ms. Louise & Sage!

Ms. Louise has decided to start a new adventure in her life with our Sage pup. Ms. Louise is going to give the English Springer Spaniel field trials a whirl and do hunt tests with her new English Springer Spaniel Sage.

We wish you both the best of luck and we hope that you both enjoy this new journey together in the field!



Tea Cup Ms. Susan & Braker!

Ms. Susan has decided to jump into the English Springer Spaniel world with our boy Braker. This fun team has a lot to learn together but with great guidance from their trainer Todd I believe they can handle this new adventure.

Keep a eye out for these two in the future at the Spaniel field trials and the Spaniel hunt tests! We look forward to every fun moment with y’all! Thank you Ms. Susan and Mr. Allen 😉


Gracie & Dibbs Puppies Have Arrived!

Gracie x Dibbs puppies are finally here! Puppy breath is the best!

All the puppies are spoken for.


Summer Gun Dog Training Camp!

The objectives for our Gun Dog Training Camp is to set a strong foundation for your dog, which includes proper introduction and exposure to birds, proper gun introduction, basic obedience, hunting in control and basic retrieving. Basic gun dog training is focused on getting your puppy or young dog off to the right start before negative traits are established. This training is generally available any time of the year, except October and November, and is a 3- to 4-month commitment. Training birds are included. At the end of the basic gun dog training, your dog will come when called or whistled, hup/sit when told by voice or whistle, be e-collar conditioned if you choose, hunt for birds within range and generally retrieve. 


Hunting Dog Podcasts!

Todd Agnew returns to The Hunting Dog Podcast Show!

Springers, Cockers and more! A bit about field trials, hunting, spaniel training and why these little powerhouses can make you smile, and why some make you cry. Just like all things in the dog world. Todd brings real common sense to training dogs.


Spaniel Training Manual

During these times, why not catch up on your Spaniel Training books!


Where Sage & Braker The Springers Got Their Names!


Stay well my friends!


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