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Developing Your Spaniel ~Creating A Problem-Solver!

We are shaping our spaniel puppy minds so they can understand how to attempt the behaviors we want and rewarding the dog for that effort. Your dog must learn how to learn without the fear of mistakes and punishment prior to formalized training. Regardless of what your dog needs to do in its life, if it is understands to try to do the right thing, it will be more willing to repeat the behavior when it becomes a requirement in later development. Regardless of what your dog’s job is going to be, companion, obedience or field dog, all dogs need to be compliant. Save your shoulder from your dog pulling you down the path. Have a dog that is excited to be obedient. 

Meet The Puppy Crew


T - Teach The Task

R - Reward The Behavior

I - Increase The Expectation

P - Polish The Behavior Through Repetition


- Your Success Starts Here -

✅ Know Where To Start

✅ Know What To Do Next

✅ Know How To Solve Problems 

✅ Feel confident you're training your dog properly.

✅ Have a dog who makes you proud in the field.

✅ Have an amazing bond with your dog.

✅ Be able to say, "I did that."

✅ You get the perfect recipe for success in the hunting field, field trial or hunt test.


New Treats!!

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Spaniels Riley Alder

spaniel flushing a pheasant..Christina Power Photography


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