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Puppies Having Fun!

The Alice x Dudley & Dixie x DJ puppies are having a great time on their trip to the north woods of Michigan. The 10 puppies that we have are all in our puppy program. They are growing fast and getting more personalities each day! I hope that you enjoy the photos and videos. Oh to be a puppy!


We can help you achieve your goals with your spaniel;

whether it be obedience, pheasant shoots, the dove field,

upland fields, grouse woods or competition.


If you want to train a Spaniel from A-Z then Craney Hill is the place for you. Starting with a puppy fresh from the litter on through the endless stages of maturity, Todd and Christina will show the way. In the case of my busy dog life, there is much communication with Georgia (a 15 hour drive): questions, listening, pushing and working on solutions to changing issues. They are also my cheerleading squad on trial days! Training my own dogs has completely changed the relentless training routine at home.

The end results, be it shooting grouse or running trials, have gotten better and better. The experience has been nothing short of remarkable.

Betsey Battistoni, Millbrook, NY


To anyone considering Todd Agnew and Craney Hill Kennel as a place to buy or train a Spaniel, I give my resounding endorsement. Todd will make your priorities his priority and return to you a more skilled and disciplined hunter.

Art Fields, Charlotte, NC

Holly The Cocker!



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