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Tea Cup Ladies Spaniel Training In Northern MI!

It was wonderful to have three Tea Cup Ladies (Marie, Louise, and Susan) come to Northern MI for a few days of training with their dogs. There was a great deal of fun on the field and off.

In spite of the rain and cold, the ladies worked with their dogs without complaint. On their next full day of training, the weather was absolutely perfect.

There was a great deal of question-and-answer time among the ladies and Todd during the evenings. Why did you do X with that particular dog or what did you think of this dog?

I have included some photos and videos for you all to enjoy!!!

Puppy walk with Betty, Dottie, Marla & Smitty

Field & Woods Time

There is an endless supply of different areas to train at while we are here in MI.

Time For Lunch

Back into the woods to loose our minds and find our souls..with the dogs!

To end our day Braker almost had a nose full of this Porcupine!


2 commentaires

Awesome to see!


Ahhh, the leaves rustling in the cool breeze.... jealousy is a sin but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't....

Glad you all got to do this!!

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