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Winter Gun Dog Training In GA!!

Don't miss out on our winter training camp!

The next camp is scheduled to begin on December 1 and spots are already filling up.

During the cold and snowy months, send your dog south for a tune-up.

Basic gun dog training is focused on getting your puppy or young dog off to the right start before negative traits are established.

Advanced gun dog training is to build on the foundation previously established by our basic gun dog training, or the foundation put in place by the owner. Dogs learn formal obedience, proper hunting pattern, staying in control and simple blind retrieves.

Have a dog who makes you proud in the field.

We will develop a strong foundation for your English springer spaniel and English cocker spaniel. This starts as a puppy and can continue into adulthood. We stress educating the owner and getting maximum value for the good money you spend…


What People Are Saying

Spaniel training, or its development, as Todd would say, requires knowledge, time, and patience. This, along with the teaching component by Todd, translates into the Craney Hill Method.

Todd offers his expertise and knowledge based on his unique experiences. In turn, you get the perfect recipe for success in the hunting field, field trial or hunt test.

As they say, seeing is believing, and I believe in the Craney Hill Method! Todd and Christina are two very special people who have touched my life and opened my eyes to new and exciting possibilities.

As a bonus, I find their online "Training Forum" an invaluable tool. The videos and narratives of Todd working with his dogs at various stages of the training process are priceless. I can refer to what my pups are working on or what we can expect.

My sincere gratitude,



Craney Hill Kennel is hands down the most outstanding, not only in terms of training dogs but also in terms of teaching owners such as myself. Todd is knowledgeable and helpful, and he's patient, too. During our discussions, he helps me define my expectations so that we are able to set attainable goals. There's no question that my pup from Craney Hill has an excellent temperament, and he's highly trainable. Whether he's at home, in the field, or on the road, he's awesome. Craney Hill Kennels has changed my life in a profound way because Todd's program develops us as a team.

Marie & Hawk



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