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Spaniel Field Trials: A Look at Their Impressive Placements in the field.

Springer Spaniel in the field

Congratulations to Kent & Dewars

First place in the open at the Oklahoma field trial on Feb 22...

Dewars in a Dixie x Dudley pup and doing very well for Kent in the trials. We are so happy for you Kent… Keep up the great work with your dog.


Springer Spaniel Portrait

Congratulations to Frasier & Todd

First place in the open at the Keystone Spaniel Field Trial on March 8th. This was Frasier’s first open win with Todd. We are so over the moon happy with this pup. Frasier is a Dixie x DJ pup.. His owner Jeff has already put his AFC title on him, now it’s up to Todd to get those extra points for his FC title.


Springer spaniel in the woods.

Congratulations to Lyric & Todd

Second place in the open at the Med-Penn Spaniel Field Trial on March 9th. This was Lyric’s first placement in the field trials and with Todd. This young dog has a lot of promise, he is fabulous to watch when he is running. Congratulations to his owner Betsey.. Thank you for letting us work with such a fine dog.



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