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Coffee & Treats With Mae!!

Here is an example of one of our Dog Training Forum videos. We invite you to join our forum if you would like to see more training videos. Each week there will be two new videos added to the library. We have a 6 month subscription and a 1 year subscription for you to join.


We also have a 2 hour online training course which you will learn about Creating A Problem-Solver is an opportunity to access the first portion of our educational seminar material online. You will learn the importance of shaping behaviors, allowing your dog to make choices, developing a dog that will go to work, and getting your dog off to a good start without pressure. This class is great for puppies and older!


- Your Success Starts Here -

✅ Know Where To Start

✅ Know What To Do Next

✅ Know How To Solve Problems


T - Teach The Task

R - Reward The Behavior

I - Increase The Expectation

P - Polish The Behavior Through Repetition


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